VE Day 75: 8 May

Whilst this major event was cancelled due the extraordinary times we have been enduring for several months, Soulbury was not prepared to let it go unnoticed. Residents in the area of Chapel Hill, the village green, The Mead and Mount Pleasant dug out their garden tables and chairs from the sheds, made sandwiches, cakes, trifle and, most importantly, many pots of tea. We sat in our own front gardens with bunting and 1945 music and, for a few hours, had a lovely social time (at a distance of course) in the glorious sun.

I am also aware that several toasted Winston’s speech with Pimms – alright, I toasted the speech with Pimms. Others toasted the day with beer. It’s called letting your hair down – as they did on the day we were remembering.

We mustn’t forget all the lovely decoration around the village as well to commemorate the day.