There are many providers to choose from these days, providing services at variable speeds with various deals to choose from such as Virgin Media, BT, Sky and Gigaclear. Gigaclear is probably in the forefront of most of our minds as we were witness to its installation and they were the main sponsor of Soulfest 2017 and 2018 and our Bonfire Night 2018.

Broadband download and upload speeds example

Upload and download speeds are an integral part of making the decision on who to choose and once we have installed them, we can monitor it to ensure our provider lives up to their promise. To save you carrying out a search, use this link to check the speeds to your home. Above is what the report looks like for the 300 Mbps package with Gigaclear.

For general information on ensuring you get the best speeds throughout your homes click here.

For Gigaclear installations, if an issue occurs with their network, click here and the link will take you to information relating to the status of that issue.

Below is a list of links to above mentioned providers. If you use another company and would like a link here so you can easily get to their website to obtain contact details please send details to Wendy Taylor.