Children’s Play Area Upgrade

A lot of hardwork has been going on behind the scenes to enable the Parish Council to upgrade the children’s playground at the top of Mount Pleasant. It was decided to use s106 monies accrued as a result of housing developments within the village. The Council first had to obtain a lease for 25 years from Buckinghamshire Council. This is a requirement to obtain any grants. This took sometime and was the main cause of the initial delays. During this time quotations were received from three providers of equipment. It was decided to go with a company called Kompan. It was then decided to add access routes for the less-abled in the community. Kompan obliged here as well. For this part of the project we approached FCC Environment who are one of the UK’s leading waste and resource management companies. They offer grants for community based projects and we have been successful in this application.

Finally, we have a start date for the work which is 4 April 2022 and will take around 4 weeks to complete. Part of the works is the reseeding of grass areas so the play area will have to remain closed until the seed germinates. At this point there will be an event to herald the opening of the play area. Watch this space for dates and what the event entails.