Community Boards

Community Boards are a new way of bringing the council, groups, organisations and local people together to look at local issues and find ways of improving them together.

As a community-led partnership, Community Boards will:

  • influence how decisions are made and how services are delivered
  • represent the voice of local people
  • capture thoughts, ideas and suggestions
  • bring together key community partners and residents
  • identify local needs and work to produce creative solutions.

There will be many ways the boards will work with the community to identify what is important in each area and take action together.  They are all about taking action.  Working groups will explore local project, set up local projects and find creative ways to make local changes.  Each board has an allocated budget and there are 5 public meetings held each year.  Soulbury is part of the Winslow and Villages board, chaired by Cllr Sue Renshall.  Deputy chair is John Chilver and our co-ordinator is Leone Dale.

Priorities for our Board for 2020/21 are:

  • improving the environment
  • health and wellbeing
  • COVID recovery.

There are 5 working groups whose work is linked to the priorities.  These bring together board members, representatives from the community and relevant partner organisations.  The 5 are:

  • youth
  • health
  • public and community transport
  • roads and highways
  • HS2 and East West Rail.

There is funding available for projects which relate to the priorities.

Please read the following documents which give a lot more detail regarding the Boards. If you want more information or feel you want to be involved with any of the working groups please contact or visit