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Soulbury Cricket Team
Soulbury’s promoted squad

Soulbury Village Cricket Club won their fifth successive promotion in 2019, meaning that in 2020 they would have been playing matches in the top division of the Four Counties Cricket League. As with so many sporting events, 2020 was not the promised excitement as the pandemic curtailed all activity.

However, the promoted squad are:

Back row L-R: Ben Cook, Naeem Ahmed, Kieron Sear, Tim Collins, James Carter, Ash Hussain, Colin Francis – umpire

Second row L-R: Aamir Butt, Rhys Nicholas, Nadeem Akhtar, Nick Mead, Nafees Ahmed, Naeem Akhtar

Front: Ramsey – team mascot

We ended our 2021 season in the top division of the Four Counties League with an  enjoyable final match in warm sunshine at Elstow on Saturday August 28th . We bowled well but couldn’t reach Elstow’s substantial total.

Aamir Butt, who has always batted and bowled excellently for Soulbury, won the Best All Rounder award for Division 1.  He was only 40 runs short of winning the best batting award too. 

Overall we won five of our 16 games and have done well enough to stay in the first division and hope to compete for the top places next season. 

Our Sunday team won 2 of their 5 friendly games. They were unlucky with the weather – there seemed to be more wet Sundays than Saturday’s this year.

Once we get going in May 2022 and Soulbury are at playing at home on a Saturday or a Sunday, please saunter across the fields, say hello and enjoy the cricket and cash bar available, or – even better – come and have a game on a Sunday, all abilities are welcome!